Cotinus ‘Grace’

Cotinus ‘Grace’

Smoke Bush


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Family Anacardiaceae
Originating from Southern Europe to China

  • One of the best purple-leaved deciduous shrubs with outstanding vigour.
  • Delicate plumes of pink flowers appear in midsummer, followed by pink berries.
  • Easy to grow and most rewarding shrubs to grow.

Translucently purple, abundant, billowing, and voluminous mounds of richly coloured foliage densely adorn the widely spreading branches of this deciduous, vigorously growing shrub. It quickly develops into a widely spreading specimen that seems unable to support the weight of its incredible growth. However, with such a stunning plant, this can be one of the better problems to face. If you have the space to allow the plant to grow naturally, it will still form a striking specimen, perhaps interweaving through other plants. If you prefer to train it into a more upright shape, a simple method can be employed, described below, which only requires a few minutes each season.

With careful staking, a few selected stems can be encouraged to grow vertically, while any lower horizontal branches are removed during its first season after planting. In the spring of its second season, before it starts to shoot, the upright branches that were staked in the first season should be pruned back by two-thirds, with the newly developing growth supported by the same stakes. Before it shoots in its third season, prune in the same manner and remove the stakes along with any low horizontal shoots that develop. This will result in a 2m tall and wide plant, achieving all of that growth in a single season, from the low framework of thicker branches you have trained.

The older, thicker stems develop a tan-colored bark, while the new shoots are purple to match the foliage. In mid-summer, this incredible plant is crowned with clouds of light, fluffy pink, wafting flowers that last for many weeks, followed by pink fruits. Finally, the plant delivers its parting shot in autumn when the foliage becomes a kaleidoscopic mix of orange, wine red, and yellow.

One of the best purple-leaved deciduous plants, it is hardy and easy to grow in any soil, in sun or part shade. However, its best colors and densest growth are achieved in full sun.

Height and spread after 5 – 10 years if not pruned 4m x 4m.


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