Dipelta yunnanensis

Dipelta yunnanensis

Yunnan Honeysuckle


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Family Caprifoliaceae
Originating from W China

A species that is as easy to grow as this, offering a long period of flowering, and followed by a seed bearing display, is invaluable to gardeners. The long arching stems of the Yunnan Honeysuckle bear large dark green deciduous leaves up to 12cm long, and can be weighed down by the abundant flowers that appear in clusters along and at the tips of them. The scented, tubular foxglove-like blooms are 5 to 6cm long and have a downy covering, white tinted with pink, with striking deep golden markings where they flare at their opening. The flowers appear in spring and last several weeks, followed by seeds encased in papery bracts that have a pink tint. As the seed matures, two of its bracts open out creating a further coloured display lasting for months, with the pink tones fading to a tan colour. The plant will slowly form a woody branching structure with peeling beige bark and form a wide and open shrub. Its somewhat sprawling habit can be controlled with pruning immediately after flowering, but it is best afforded space in which to present its beautiful display.
Grow in dappled shade in a light, moist soil of woodland character, although it will tolerate a range of conditions.

Height and spread after 3 – 4 years 1.8m x 1.5m
Semi mature height and spread after 7 – 8 years if not clipped or pruned 3m x 3m



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