Mitraria coccinea ‘Lago Puyehue’

Mitraria coccinea ‘Lago Puyehue’

Chilean Mitre Flower


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Family Gesneriaceae
Originating from Chile

Exotic tubular scarlet flowers are given their own very dark green and glossy backdrop by the plant’s evergreen foliage. Small and oval in shape with a serrated edge, the leaves densely clothe the stems of this climbing or scrambling plant. It prefers damp woodland conditions and the foliage will become denser when planted in such locations, with lower or dappled light also helping the flowers intense colour to stand out. The blooms are tubular and flared at their tips like a bishop’s mitre, hence the name Mitraria. Each one is covered in minute hairs, which give the flower a velvety appearance. The four stamens of each pendulously held, and slightly curved bloom protrude beyond its tubular structure, making an exotic and detailed spectacle worthy of planting near paths or seating areas where the flowers can be seen up close. It will climb if given support or hang over rockery, even scramble over the ground. This free-flowering form is pronounced ‘poo-yay-way’, a region with high rainfall in central Chile where it grows in the densely wooded mountains that surround Lake Puyehue.
Grow in a woodland microclimate if possible, ideally in a moist sandy and humus rich well-drained soil in dappled shade or partly sunny position. Perfectly hardy in milder parts of the UK, but perhaps requiring the protection of a fleece in severe winters in northern or central UK locations. It will also make an excellent colourful specimen for a shady conservatory.
Height and spread after 6 – 7 years 2 x 2m

Height and spread after 2 – 3 years 1m x 1m
Mature height after 5 – 6 years if not pruned 3m x 3m



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