Schizophragma integrifolium

Schizophragma integrifolium

Chinese Hydrangea Vine


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Family Hydrangeaceae
Originating from C & W China

A handsome and vigorous climber bearing large oval, deciduous leaves of a rich, dark green colour. It clings to walls, trees or stumps creating the jungle effect, or over a pergola in a traditional English garden setting. Its outstanding quality though is its huge pure white blooms consisting of a central spray of small fertile flowers surrounded by large bracts held on slender stems that radiate outward from the flower’s centre, they are 7 or 8cm long and form the main attraction. They appear in mid to late summer and the display can last for over a month. Although the ‘Hydrangea Vine’ will grow in full sun it is probably at its best in shade or dappled shade where its leaves may be bigger and darker green and the white flowers stand out better. In a woodland garden this climber can turn tree trunks into columns of white, or happily scramble on the ground. In a situation where space is limited it may be pruned after flowering to control its vigorous growth. This species was introduced to the UK in 1901 but has not been common in cultivation, although it is beginning to grow in popularity as an alternative to the true climbing hydrangea, to which it is superior in leaf and flower size.
It is found in the wild growing on rocky cliff faces and will tolerate most soil types and root competition, although it will perform best in a humus-rich moist and loamy one in sun or shade.

Height and spread after 3 – 4 years 2.5m x 1.5m
Semi mature height after 7 – 8 years if not pruned 4m x 4m
Potential height after 15 – 20 years, if support is available 6 – 8m x 6m



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