Sophora molloyi ‘Dragon’s Gold’

Sophora molloyi ‘Dragon’s Gold’

Stephens Island Kowhai


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Family Fabaceae
Originating from New Zealand

Named after the reptile population of Stephens Island, the evergreen, delicate-looking tiny leaflets of this species are held on a dense mass of criss-crossing branches, they are an oval shape and have a yellow/green colouration, borne in profusion on each side of a central leaf stem, in a feather like formation. This foliage character makes for an interesting texture in gardens, of a soft and delicate type, a valuable asset even before the spectacular flowering is considered. The deep golden tubular flowers have an almost translucent quality and are produced throughout the summer, hanging in clusters amongst the foliage. Of all the Sophora species this is the most suitable for hedging, which is useful in coastal settings where it thrives, and responds well to shaping – even topiary. Although trimming limits the flowering it does not stop it. This species may have the appearance of a dwarf plant but it will get reasonably large and grow vigorously when established in ideal conditions.
It will grow well in a pot, where it can be moved indoors in colder regions. Although it is hardy throughout southern and coastal UK, it also makes an excellent specimen tree for a conservatory. This species is tolerant of a wide range of soils and conditions although a free draining one is best. It will tolerate dry and poor soil when established.

Height and spread after 3 – 4 years 2m x 1.5m
Mature height and spread after 6 – 7 years if not pruned 2.5m x 3m


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