Toona sinensis ‘Flamingo’

Toona sinensis ‘Flamingo’

Chinese Mahogany


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Family Meliaceae
Originating from China.

  • Constantly changing foliage colours from pink, and yellow, to white and green.
  • An upright medium-sized tree with white, scented flowers.
  • Hardy and easy to grow with an upright habit.

Truly stunning throughout the seasons, from early spring to late autumn, with its ever-changing foliage colors. In spring, new leaf shoots emerge in an intense silky-looking cerise/carmine shade, gradually transitioning to a light pink hue. The stems and veins retain a deep cerise color, providing a striking contrast to the bright baby pink and white shades that the leaves assume, later developing yellow hues, and finally settling into a deep lustrous green.

The large feather-shaped leaves are exquisitely neat and pointed, densely crowding the upright branches. When brushed or broken, they release a pungent aroma akin to garlic. Interestingly, in some countries, the new shoots are even sold for culinary purposes, adding an onion/garlic-like flavor to dishes. As a young tree, it grows as a group of upright bamboo-like stems with short side branches, creating an eye-catching architectural shape. Its wood is also aromatic and highly prized as timber.

Upon reaching maturity, the tree’s crown broadens and spreads, adorned with large sprays of white, scented flowers. These bloom in hot summers, attracting a diverse array of insects.

Fast-growing and robust, it thrives in various soil types except for poor, thin chalky soil, as long as it enjoys full sun. Some shelter from strong winds is beneficial for an optimum foliage display.

Height and spread after 3 – 4 years 1.8m x 1m
Semi-mature height and spread after 6 – 8 years if not pruned 3.5m x 2m
Potential height and spread after 20 years plus, 10m x 4m


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