Yucca gloriosa Bright Star

Yucca gloriosa Bright Star

Bright Star Spanish Dagger


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Family Asparagaceae
Garden origin

  • High impact brilliantly colourful spiky foliage.
  • Elegant flower spikes of many bell-shaped pure white flowers.
  • One of the hardiest yuccas, easy to grow in full sun

An explosive-looking plant with rosettes of strikingly rich yellow variegated leaves, radiating out stiffly, and terminating in a sharp tip. What makes the species Y. gloriosa, and this new variegated variety stand out is the thick, almost fleshy substance of the foliage. This stoutness makes the leaves stand erect and rigid, giving the globe-shaped crown its eye-catching, fulminate look. The leaves’ stunning colour combination of sage green/grey with rich golden yellow stripes further enhances this character and adds a volatile colour to the palette of gardeners desirous of drama. Its brightness has endless possibilities for contrasting with darker species or planting against dark backgrounds. As the plant matures it slowly develops a trunk and may grow to be a many-branched specimen of great architectural stature.

As if the foliage was not dramatic enough, the centres of the rosettes of foliage erupt with flowers during summer. Thick and fleshy-looking flower spikes emerge, covered in deep pink scales when they first appear, maturing to a 1m tall pink flushed flower spike that develops into a branched structure called an inflorescence, so called because it is not a flower in itself, but bears many individual blooms. Pink in bud, like the stem that bears them, they open to pure white with flushes of pink. Their pendulous bell shape encloses pure white stamens and anther. The large and slightly fleshy blooms, up to 6 cm long and wide, consist of petals that gracefully recurve to dainty pointed tips in contrast to the otherwise spiky character of the plant. 

After flowering, the crown of the plant splits into two or more rosettes, making a multi-headed mound of foliage on young plants. Larger specimens with trunks will develop a fork, making a branched multi-headed plant. New rosettes may also appear at the base of the plant and on its trunk at any time making a dense shrubby specimen. Yucca gloriosa is this variety’s parent, which is one of the oldest yuccas in cultivation in the UK, popular with Victorian gardeners. There are many 2m tall, many-branched specimens to be found in London gardens.

An architectural addition to Mediterranean, coastal, contemporary and desert style planting schemes, Y. Bright Star can be used in a variety of ways in planting schemes, owing to its many attributes. Once mature it has more than enough architectural poise to be used as a centrepiece, standing in its own space, or complimenting other structural plants in contemporary, restrained compositions, such as Trachycarpus fortunei, Chamaerops humilis and Nolina nelsonii, or Nolina hibernica. Used in fuller, more floriferous Mediterranean style gardens it provides a striking spiky statement amongst the rounded forms of Cistus pulverulentus ‘Sunset‘, Choisya x dewitteana ‘Aztec Pearl’ and Muehlenbeckia astonii.

In our display gardens at our Beccles branch in Suffolk we have planted it near Colletia paradoxa, Yucca filifera and Aloe striatula; three species that have similarly unique foliage. In the same bed its colour chimes with Hemerocallis ‘Bonanza’, Grevillea sulphurea, and Genista aetnensis

Hardy and very easy to grow in full sun, in poor free draining soil or pots.

Height and spread after 10 years 1.5m x 2m


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