Daphne odora aureomarginata



Award of Garden Merit
Family Thymelaeaceae
Originating from China and Japan

An evergreen, upright shrub with lustrous, leathery, dark green leaves with a cream margin. In the depths of winter it produces purple buds, opening in late winter/early spring, into clusters of small, waxy, highly scented pink flowers. These make wonderful cut flowers – not because their blooms are showy but because just a few flower stems, brought into the house will fill a room with their sophisticated perfume. Although it is a handsome, small shrub, it isn’t the most dramatic in appearance but it is possibly the most highly scented of all evergreen shrubs, and should be planted in a mixed border in an area of the garden where its scent can best be appreciated. Better still, grow in a conservatory to guarantee even more flowers and scent.
Grow in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in partial shade – its leaves may scorch in hot afternoon sun, with shelter from strong winds. Does not like a very alkaline soil.
Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact bush.

Eventual mature plant size :
Height 1m
Spread 1m

Wouter Hagens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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