Our Mission

At Urban Jungle we understand the instinctive primal need for humans to be surrounded by plants and abundance, and our mission is to bring this healing element into our customers’ living spaces, reconnecting humans with nature. The very name of our business encapsulates this value, and the environment of our nurseries and cafes is lush, bountiful and exuberant.

Canopy management at Urban Jungle Norfolk.

We challenge the status quo of gardening, and by widening the palette of available plants, and envisaging new ways of creating planting compositions, we enable our customers to create their own unique urban jungle.


In 2001 an obsessional hobby began to morph into a nursery on an overgrown 2 acre site on the outskirts of the village of Old Costessey, 5 miles west of Norwich. Over the next couple of years,  land was reclaimed from the brambles and undergrowth, that hobby evolved into a business, and Urban Jungle came into being. The owners’ passion for all things exotic, evergreen, architectural, and unusual was shared by a growing number of customers, and eventually Urban Jungle expanded its range into houseplants.

What began as a kettle, a tin of biscuits, and an honesty box in the big greenhouse, eventually became a full blown restaurant.

It soon became apparent that the style and business ethos that had evolved in Costessey could spread its wings and grow into a second site. Indeed, the Costessey nursery was buckling under the strain of so many visitors, and a second site became a necessity.  An opportunity arose to acquire a recently vacated nursery in Suffolk, near the town of Beccles. The site was acquired in 2017 and cleared of its previous garden centre layout so that the Urban Jungle style could be imprinted onto it.

In 2020 the cafes were closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, reopening when permitted, but as coffee shops. Perhaps one day they’ll be fully functioning restaurants again, but in the meantime the owners and their team are enjoying putting all their efforts into further horticultural development of the sites.

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