Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’

Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’

Purple Cootamundra Wattle


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Family Fabaceae
Originating from Australia.

  • Stunning delicate foliage with silver, purple and red colours.
  • Producing an abundant display of scented yellow flowers in early spring.
  • Hardy and easy to grow in coastal and mild southern gardens.

Delicately tiny leaflets densely populate the feather-shaped leaves, creating a soft-textured foliage display throughout the year, particularly in the warmer seasons when it experiences vigorous growth. The new shoots and leaves emerge in a deep magenta/purple color, gradually transitioning to purple-flushed gunmetal grey and silver. This unique foliage display graces a lax and open branching habit, presenting a graceful medium-sized evergreen shrub.

During early spring, it produces masses of deep golden-yellow globe-shaped flowers, forming a striking contrast with the foliage. These flowers are held on long, slender branching structures and consist of fluffy masses of stamens. Early pollinators are attracted to them, and on a warm spring afternoon, their sweet scent can be detected from a distance. The numerous detailed features of this tree make it worthy of planting in a visible spot, where its soft and tactile qualities can be enjoyed up close.

Its colors and airy character make it an excellent addition to Mediterranean planting schemes, serving as a foil for spiky plants while complementing their silvery colors. Easy to grow and especially well-suited for coastal gardens, it is hardy only in mild areas and should be protected outside in colder regions. Thanks to its diminutive stature and receptiveness to pruning, this fantastic variety thrives in pots, allowing it to be moved into a frost-free conservatory for winter.

Potential height and spread in 5 – 10 years if not pruned 5m x 4m.
Although rarely achieving this height in the UK.


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